Equisan Oil Sheen Hair Spray


– Conditioning
– Hemp Seed
– Hair Spray Formula
– Soft, Smooth, Shinning Hair

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Equisan Hair Spray is a non-greasy conditioning, moisturizing hair spray for all types of natural hair. Illuminating hair shine fortified with extra virgin olive oil and hemp seed oil for strong, healthy, glowing hair with a soft-touch feel. Gentle and light for daily use for your morning rooting or night time care. Further more it protects and nourishes your hair and helps repair and maintain damaged hair. Equisan Hair spray is easy to use and the container makes it easy for travel.


Our hair spray is perfect for sealing and moisturizing your hair after a good wash with our Herbal hair shampoo or any other shampoo of your choice. Spray the Hair Spray in and around your hair. Target the roots of your hair and spray generously. Spray to hair before combing it out to reduce knotting and breakage. Use before platting to make the process easier and a bit more pain free. Hair and oil sheen hair spray is also great for dreadlocks. Spray a generous amount on hair dreads to help keep them moisturized and prevent drying out and breakage.


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